Monday, 12 December 2011


It's Christmas time. The time for good will to all men and spending lots of money. This spells out pleasant customers and ringing tills, horrray! 

This is a crucial time for any business and needs to be precisely executed with a commercial head on, using all the resources available...... starting with the window.

My observations as a visual merchandiser is that every shop owner has their own ideals of what christmas should look like in their window, and it varies drastically. Some want chic and contemporary, others want fun and traditional, but whatever you do, the most important thing is to match your display to your brand values.

Its a cliche but your store window is the "window to the soul" of your shop, it should be a clear reflection of your company and the products you sell. It should always appeal to your target market, no matter what time of the year.

As you can see in my work at Marc Cain, Southport- the window is a clear reflection of their brand values (clean, chic, high end fashion) and appeals to their target market (whilst still leaning to the side of fun and festive).

Another vital element is to 'carefully consider the contents' (the 3 C's feels like you're back at school, i know. It seems laughably simple but most people do overlook it) what goes into the display is so important now.

Gift ideas need to be in the main displays, along with party clothes. Watch what sells and position these items accordingly, have your seasonal best sellers at the forefront of the shop and in the window, make sure the window is refreshed every 2weeks at least, particularly in town centre locations where shoppers walk past every week.

Have a beautiful (and profitable) Christmas
Love Carlie B x

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