Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I’m seated at my desk for the majority of the working week, so when I had the opportunity to experience life on the shop floor at the Tulchan factory outlet shop last Thursday I relished the change of scenery. I’m forever reading articles on consumer behaviour and researching what our customers want, surely there is no better way than to get straight to the source?
I have a passion for retail, when I was 16 I had a Saturday job at the soft furnishings company Nightingales. I loved the interaction with the customers, the thrill of a sale ringing through the till and the pride you take in ensuring the store is looking at its best. My day in the Tulchan outlet shop last week was like taking a trip down memory lane! Walking around the shop customers were freely pointing out their likes and don’t likes, I was observing their behavioural patterns and getting to see first-hand how they react to styles in the collections.
The ultimate lesson learnt was quite simply that our customers like being listened to, they wanted to share ideas and thoughts with us and they see it as a helpful process. It makes perfect sense, we want to offer the right product and excel with our customer service and we can look to do this by evaluating our product offering, service levels and react accordingly. I’ll be taking the snippets of comments back to the team to see how we can translate this feedback not only to our outlet shop but to our first standalone store and how we can replicate this on our new e-commerce website too.
We’re looking for a weekend sales assistant in the outlet shop at the moment, perhaps I should apply!
Amy Young, marketing and e-commerce manager, Tulchan Textiles x

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