Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Reeling slightly that we’re only three weeks from Christmas – how did it happen? I may have mentioned how much I love this time of year, with it’s endless twinkle lights, cheesy but heartwarming festive tunes, and the constant flow of parties, appetizers and pressies - however, I do have one solitary grinch and that is how fast it all flys by.

Not only is it the busiest in your social calendar but it’s by far the  busiest in the retail calendar too and it’s important to make the most of both.  It becomes a challenge to make sure you’re juggling gift lists with VAT returns, customer care with stock control, web editorial with staff incentives, not to mention family gifts and egg nog.

I’m sure I’m not the only one burning the candle at both ends, frantically trying to squeeze everything in whilst at the same time planning for next season, winter sales and in my case a new baby addition in the spring. How does everyone do it?

Far too frequently I find myself wishing I could spy on a day in the life of the many successful working mothers I admire who seem to effortlessly juggle children, home, friends, family and running an impressive business empire at the same time – what is their secret?

Time management and administration may sound boring but those who manage to excel really can do incredible things and I’d love to know the little tricks and short cuts working mothers have to get so much from their days. (Ironically of course they don’t actually have the time to share those top-secret methods with anyone else so we might never know!).

While I continue to day dream about being uber-efficient, I will merrily get back to my own multi-tasking, season to be jolly days and impose some strict 2012 efficiency resolutions…

Fiona x

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