Wednesday, 30 November 2011


This week, rather accidentally, and very much unlike me, I haven't used many props in the displays I have done.

This comes much to my dismay as I love conceptual windows, and certainly not through lack of trying. it's just that when I assembled them among the product it just didn't look right.

After some deliberating and some much needed brain power, I came to the conclusion (eureka!) that at this time of year, product in the windows should be bright (and therefore eye catching), small (hinting at gifts) and displayed unusually (mainly because small accessory-type product is hard to display in big windows).

All in all, because of the nature of the product at this time of year, props and window accessories are obsolete, because for maximum impact visually and commercially, product should be used as props.
In this photograph of Covet and Crave's window (Southport) you can hopefully see gloves displayed hanging, gift price point handbags in vibrant reds colour blocked along the floor and tights, on display legs which are upside down for an unusual, fun and quirky look.

Have a look at your product and how you can display it differently and unusually to make potential customers look twice. Small things hung from fishing wire are a personal favourite, oh oh and things upside down. Remember the more colourful the better (but stick to no more than 2 plus neutrals).
Who needs props when you have such beautiful product anyway!

Carlie B x

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