Monday, 28 November 2011


One of the first things I noticed when I opened Donna Ida was how intimidating a lot of people find shopping.

It was an eye opener for me - I take a practical approach to shopping i.e. you've bought it and now you need me to come and buy it so the business can keep ticking over - but it became apparent that people are often very worried about going into a shop and even more worried about asking for help. The Denim Clinic was founded on this basis - so customers can book in and know there will be happy expectant faces ready and willing to help. It's no different from the service you would get if you walk into any of our boutiques, but it's the reassuring element that works.

When we relaunched the big challenge was to translate that same in store service to the online experience. There are how-to videos guiding the shopper through different styles of jeans, and offering suggestions for body shapes. We even translate the language of denim - what the rise is, what the leg opening means, how to measure your waist. 

Having the Denim Clinic both in-store and online is a big part of the Donna Ida brand - I'm very conscious that you can buy jeans literally anywhere, but it's making people want to buy their jeans at Donna Ida that's the trick.

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