Tuesday, 25 October 2011


This week I have mostly been dressing gorgeous Autumnal windows using evoking rustic props such as logs, twigs, autumnal flowers, and my new personal favourite VM past time-drawing trees, leaves and all things Autumnal on the inside of windows

Not only does this frame the window but also can never be replicated ever again- giving a truly unique one off display and fills in the gaps a treat- aaah visual bliss. All these browns and oranges are set off brilliantly with jewel purples, pinks and reds splashed through in the form of merchandise. A perfect October window to me.

However wandering through the streets of the lake district in the early days of this month I came across a shop, reputable and popular it may be, it shall remain nameless. The mannequins were dressed beautifully, the window bright and the colours sharp but the ground was covered in white stuff and hanging from the ceiling were large silver baubles! What's wrong with this picture? Well it was 19 degrees outside for a start but this early Christmas window didn't make me feel alive with Christmas cheer but pretty much depressed me!

The purpose of a Christmas window should be to remind shoppers that Christmas is a coming and to say "Hay! Look at this! What a great gift/Christmas party outfit this is! Isn't Christmas a jolly fabulous time" but an October Christmas window says "I know it's early but you'd better get saving cos the most expensive time of year is here before we've properly finished with summer" Hold your horses! Shoppers just aren't ready yet and retailers should be sympathetic to this, not push festivities on their customers. Visually, lets embrace the gorgeous and evocative season that is autumn. Christmas, snow and oversized baubles will come soon enough.

Have a happy, Christmas free, last week of October.

Carlie B x

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