Monday, 19 March 2012


It officially feels like spring and I for one am delighted – the thought of strolling around sans multi layers, legitimately wearing my favourite aviators and generally having less horrific hair makes me incredibly happy. All that, plus the feeling of having made it through January and February, two of arguably the toughest months in retail, not to mention the ‘blue-est’ months amongst friends and family, mean it’s nice to emerge on the other side unscathed.

When any new season rolls around, the sight of the rails of new designers, colours and trends is such a positive catalyst to change gear and feel re-inspired. This season I have however embraced an additional motivator that  is set to be my true love for some time– Pinterest. Here at Red Ruby Rouge HQ, we are avid Facebook and Twitter-ers (of course), but this new social medium of ‘pinning’ has managed to find and fill a gap in our inspiration and is proving to be even more distracting.

With a basic premise:  create a subject based ‘board’ of your choice (in my case, I’m thinking of adding boards for ‘the perfect cheese and pickle cracker’ and ‘knee high boots for pregnant people)’) and ‘pinning’ images to that board to create a mood or inspiration wall. It’s simple yet addictive and browsing through other pinners boards leads only to more inspiring images and thought provoking ideas.

It’s shocking in a way that this hasn’t been done before, but now that it’s here, we have it set to play a big role in how we communicate with our customers and those fellow pinners who share our loves and wants – not to mention using it to extend our wish lists and my plans for home cooking domination.

We have loved having the chance for an insight into what inspires those who inspire us, or to see how peoples pinnings change as the day or week moves on. It is an endless coffee table book that seems to have far wider audience potential than the original social networking sites and for that and so much more, we love it. Let the pinning continue!

Fiona Kennedy, owner, Red Ruby Rouge, Belfast x

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