Thursday, 16 February 2012


My husband has been teasing me for years that my job was nothing more than “drinking champagne all day and talking pretty dresses”, and that travelling to trade shows was my “holiday”. (Of course he ignores the distinctly unglamorous 3am starts to get to some remote airport to catch an early morning flight and then walk for miles and miles and all day long until your feet feel like they are no longer part of your body and you’re so exhausted from talking that you don’t even know your own name!)

But even though I hate to admit it, on some level, he does have a point. My job definitely has its perks – after all, there are worse things than seeing some of the industry’s finest collections and meeting some of the world’s most creative talents. So happened again this week, at boutique trade show Scoop, which took place at the gorgeous and undeniably glamorous setting of the Saatchi Gallery.

The show brought together exclusive labels, bridge collections and niche designers in a handpicked and extremely well edited mix. Having been on maternity leave for most of last year and having therefore missed the show’s first two editions, I can’t describe just how excited I was to see the beautifully simple but therefore even more striking designs of Studio Nicholson, to drool over this season’s hottest styles from Weston scarves (oh the prints, oh the silk, oh the XL size!), fantasize over Bastyan’s fabulous, super soft leather jackets, or feel my heartbeat go faster at the sight of Suzannah’s fab vintage inspired dresses and Orla Kiely’s chic and yet quirky minimalism – all for professional reasons, of course!

Naturally I didn’t tell my husband that I ended my visit by catching up with some fantastic retailers over a glass of champagne and some high-level talk about “pretty dresses”…

Below are some of my highlights from the show. See the full review in the March issue of WWB and online at

Isabella, editor, wwb magazine


Plein Sud


Rodika Zanian

English Weather Cashmere 

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